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Home Study - Approved!

As we were on a walk tonight enjoying the brilliant first day of Fall, we received a letter stating that the long awaited day had come- we are officially home study approved! I opened the letter and had to take a very deep breath, because this is the moment we have been waiting for since mid-April! For those of you that are new to the adoption world, in order to be considered for adoption you have to walk through a home study process to begin your formal adoption journey. It includes multiple stacks of paperwork, a home visit, communication with your social worker, lots of prep, lots of anticipation and LOTS of signatures.

Through the past few months we have been diligent about the paperwork and had our home study conducted (during which our daughter, Josie, decided to have her first attempt at a somersault which landed her a BIG black eye - while our social worker was at the house! Yikes! A different story for a different post, I guess.) And here we are- officially able to say that we are approved! The next step in the process is to hear from the agency about expectant mothers who are interested in journeying through the adoption process from their side of the "adoption triad". The "adoption triad" is the relationship between the expectant mother, the hopeful adoptive parents (us), and the child.

If you would like to join us in prayer, please lift up these specific requests with us:

  1. Peace over the entire situation. Adoption is tricky and tough and rooted in hard realities. We have been made very aware of this and know that all sides of the adoption triad are going through extreme situations - the mother, the child, and us as the hopeful adoptive parents. Please pray that every interaction with whoever the expectant mother is would be filled with peace.

  2. That we would embody Jesus' love throughout the process.

  3. For our social worker. She is amazing and we know she has a ton on her plate on a normal day - let alone the stress of COVID-19. Please pray that she would find times of rest, stillness and comfort in the midst of a crazy season. Also please pray for wisdom for her through this process with us and the expectant mother.

We commit to keeping you as updated as we can with as much honesty and transparency possible. Keep checking back! We love you!

Melissa, Ben, and Josie

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